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LVRS Live-In Program

Become a “Pride of the North Side” Live-in Member The Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad is an award winning, fast paced, urban department that responds to 500 working incidents each month

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Get Started – Apply Today

Our Recruiters Are Waiting For You! We’re looking for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, including experienced and aspiring firefighter/EMTs and EMS only members.  If you feel you have

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LVRS Membership Types & Requirements

LVRS Membership Types Operations EMT/Firefighter A Firefighter/EMT membership is for those interested in providing both firefighting and EMS service (having or obtaining BOTH Firefighter I and EMT are required). All

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LVRS Application Process

Considering joining? Schedule a ride-along today to see if it’s right for you! The Process Prospective members are “voted in” at LVRS general meetings, which are held on the first

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Join the LVRS

Step into a world of unparalleled heroism and dedication! The Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad is on a fervent quest for spirited individuals eager to contribute to our mission. We’re not

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Why Join Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad

Why Join? We are a full-service EMS, fire, and rescue organization that relies on our volunteers to supplement career staffing during weekdays and to staff our station 100% every weeknight, weekend,

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