Inside Laurel Rescue

LVRS Live-In Program

Become a "Pride of the North Side" Live-in Member

The Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad is an award winning, fast paced, urban department that responds to 500 working incidents each month and offers the experience of a lifetime in no time.

We offer a live in program that allows you to live at the fire station in exchange for participation and providing service to our community.

Amenities Include

Along with the other great perks and benefits of being an LVRS member, Live-in members also have access to the following amenities.

  • Quarters

    Private furnished room.

  • Technology

    Internet access via WiFi.

  • Accommodations

    Full Kitchen and Laundry Facilities.

  • Health


  • Entertainment

    Cable TV

  • Training

    Free nationally recognized training.

  • Education

    Access to multiple higher education facilities with accredited fire science and paramedic programs.

Live-In Program Information Basics

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be at least eighteen (18) yrs of age
  • Must be employed on a regular basis or attending school or both
  • Must hold a Maryland Emergency Medical Technician – Basic certification
  • Applicants not holding Firefighter I will be considered based on space available
  • Must be an active operational member of the Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad

Duty Requirements:

  • Each live-in member must stand twelve (12) hours of uniform duty on an assigned duty period one night a week, the same night every week.
  • Live-in members are expected to participate in all duty crew training and responsibilities on their assigned uniform duty period.
  • Each live-in member must sign up in advance and be available in the station to respond on calls a minimum of 24 additional hours over and above their uniform duty period.
  • Live-in members will be assigned shifts on the Sunday duty rotation and be expected to be available on holidays and weekends when the PGFD paid crew is unavailable.
  • All live-in members are expected to take calls up to three (3) hours before departing for work or school unless “out of service”.
  • During unassigned times, when the PGFD paid crew is not staffing the station, live-ins are expected to respond to calls for service to prevent failure of the call.

General Rules:

  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and illegal activities are prohibited in the live-in quarters.
  • Noise will be kept at a reasonable sound level at all times.
  • Behavior of any visitor in the live-in space is the responsibility of the sponsoring live-in. No unescorted visitors will be permitted in the live-in quarters.
  • The By-laws and Rules & Regulations of LVRS are to be abided by at all times.
  • LVRS reserves the right to evict any live-in member immediately for any suspensions of LVRS membership that are of a serious nature.
  • Members who do not fulfill their commitment or become unable to fulfill their live-in requirements will be given two (2) weeks notice to vacate their assigned room.