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Fatal MVC with Multiple Trapped and 1 Ejected

At approximately 2311 Rescue Squad 849 and Chief 849B responded to a mutual aid call in Anne Arundel County for a auto accident with possible entrapment on 295 North in the area of Route 198.

Upon arrival, a single vehicle was found in the woods on its side. One patient was found ejected from the vehicle, a second patient was found partially ejected through the sun roof and a third patient was found pinned under the vehicle.

The crew from Rescue squad 849 and chief 849B worked with assistance from Fort Meade Truck 45 and Anne Arundel Engine 27 and 29 on extricating the patients.

The patient that was partially ejected was extricated quickly with little issues. The crews then worked to free the second patient.

The crew from Squad 849 and the extrication supervisor noticed the patient pinned under the vehicle was going to be a much more involved extrication. Due to the loss of structural integrity of the vehicle and the position of the patient, a more extended extrication was needed.

The second patient was freed in approximately 45 minutes. Both helicopters in the area, Trooper 2 and Park Police’s Eagle 1, were requested to the scene prior to extrication and were standing at the ready as the patients were freed.

Patients were transported to local trauma centers for treatment. Great work to the crew from 49 and all other units on scene.